Planet Comicon 2017 Photo Gallery – April 29

Great times :D! Attended the following panels: John DiMaggio, John Barrowman, Catherine Tate, Voice Over and How It Works (Tom Kane, Brandon Paith, and Isaac Moreno), Be More Animated: Secrets of Animation (Shannon Denton, Kevin Mellon and Joel Adams), Creating Archer (Kevin Mellon), Cosplay Contest (hosted by John Anthony, Abby Darkstar as Lara Croft, Keith Zen as Negan)

Wish I was able to take a photo of all the Adventure Time cosplayers, Jurassic Park Alan Grant cosplayer, Bendy the Dancing Devil, Chris Twellmann the German Abraham, Indy’s Dad aka Prof. Henry Jones, Top Gun cosplayers, Wonder WoMAN (Eric L.) just to name a few missed photo-ops while wandering the con floors!

Enjoy the photos below and in the Apr 30 gallery ^_^! Thanks, friends!
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