Maker Faire KC June 26, 2017 at Union Station

Yay! This was my second year attending KC Maker Faire and had a pretty good time checking out the various booths, inventions, products, artwork, costumes and demos :D! Photos and video below ^_^! I got there late though ;_;, late enough that I missed Power Racers 🙁 (kudos to the team that did the Bluth Stair Car! Hahaha! I love Arrested Development!), BUT early enough to catch the Fashion Show / Costume Show :D!

Special shout-out to Eric L. aka kansas_city_superman for his awesome Jubilee costume! Check it out below, you won’t miss him ;)! Red Dalek was there as well! I didn’t get the chance to take a pic of him, but you’ll see him in my Planet Comicon 2017 gallery ;). It was also super nice to see Sarabi the Gryphon again too, c/o of her creator, the awesome Black Feather Studios founded by Ashley Bilke.

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